Summus Construction

Summus offers both residential and commercial general contracting services By our very definition, Summus represents the peak of the construction industry in all that we do.

Reaching the summit requires a partner in whom you can trust, with the right knowledge and passion – that’s us. We have the technical skill to reach the absolute height of your next project’s potential, and the personal skills to make it an enjoyable journey.

Experience meets innovation:

We personally understand the importance of fresh starts, bringing our 50+ years of combined construction experience along as we embark on our next journey that is Summus.

The industry standard has come a long way since we started, and we strive to evolve and innovate together while relying on our decades of combined expertise. Drawing on our portfolio of complex multi-million dollar projects across Western Canada, we have the know-how to handle any vision you have – no matter how ambitious.

The spirit of Edmonton:

For us, Edmonton serves not only as company headquarters but as the heart of our community-driven spirit. We draw our inspiration from the city, its natural beauty – but mostly, the people who live here.

We’re proud to serve Edmonton’s construction needs, and our success is largely due to the relationships we’ve built in the community over the years. Edmonton may be home to over 1 million, but we see nothing but the individual friends and clients who call it home.

The Pinnacle of Quality:

We know a building is more than just 4 walls, and we strive to bring character to all our projects – while ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship and care is still given to those walls!

Every good story needs a solid stage to stand on, and we pride ourselves on building them: whether it be the storefront where you’ll bring your dream business to life or the home where you’ll begin a family.

Safety > Everything:

Above anything, we put safety at the center of our mission– instituting our industry-leading safety program on all of our construction sites, large and small.

In our uncertain world, we rely on strict standards on our projects in order to ensure reliable security. Our team is a family, one that we protect as fiercely as possible through effective site management.