Design Services

Ask any adventurer, and they’ll tell you that a journey doesn’t start with the first step but with the hours of preparation beforehand. Likewise, our construction excellence doesn’t begin when the foundation is laid but upon the first client meeting.

Our attention to detail is evident from the very first conversation – centering honesty, transparency, and respect for your vision. Our team is focused not only on detail-oriented design but realistic expectations, solid time and budget planning, and open communication throughout.

New Builds

We combine refined processes of modern construction standards with good old-fashioned quality craftsmanship. Once the design process is complete, begins the next phase: construction. We ensure on-time, on-budget project completion with honest expectations and communication throughout the entire process.

Client satisfaction drives us in our daily work, and we fight for our clients in all we do: seeking out any time and money-saving options while maintaining only the highest standards of practice and product.

Renovations & Additions

Just as our commitment to our clients begins long before breaking ground, our relationship doesn’t end when construction wraps. We’ve built connections in Edmonton over the past 50 years through loyalty, and we commit ourselves to whatever needs our clients may have down the line.

Whatever renovation or expansion you have envisioned, we are committed to working together. Evolution is central to our company mission, and we strive to perform work that not only wows at first sight but continues to keep up with the times and your ever-changing needs.


Our high-quality service doesn’t end at the door, as our excellence carries over to a home’s entire structure and exterior. A building is only as strong as its curb appeal, and we bring the highest standards to all our commercial and residential exterior work.

Building envelope:
There is no substitute for years of experience in the industry, and our technical skill is unparalleled in the building envelope. A quality building is nothing without a strong structure and framing – from roofing and windows to foundation and flooring, we handle all aspects of the building envelope.

Concrete services:
At Summus, we are experienced in the whole gamut of concrete projects – both on the residential and commercial side of things. From laying your home’s driveway to adding decorative stamped concrete work certain to elevate your patio – our skills are unparalleled. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence carries into our commercial concrete services, certain to complete any business.

We are experienced in the entire life cycle of your asphalt; from install, to repair to removal. We are meticulous in our asphalt work, ensuring surfaces that will stand the test of Edmonton time.